About Us

We have discovered, in working with the homeless since 1962, that the problem is far from confined to the mentally ill and addicted, but extends across all boundaries of age, background or race.

While we are a religious corporation, we are strictly dedicated to service. Belief in any faith or method of worship is never a requirement for the men and women entering our program. What is required is a sincere desire to get off the streets for good and return to society in a productive and positive way.

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All donations to the United States Mission are tax deductible. Our Federal Tax I.D. Number is: 94-1585260

To make a donation please select a location from the Locations menu. The specific details for donating to the selected location will be available along with other valuable information.

It is the longstanding policy of the United States Mission that donor information is never shared with any other entity or organization at any time, for any reason. For information regarding your donation please contact the local Mission facility to which you donated.

Board Room

Director General
Philip Kerns
P.O. Box 30666
Seattle, WA 98113-0666

Secretary General
Brian Jones
P.O. Box 20156
Portland, OR 97294-0156