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Our purpose is to provide our residents with a long term clean and sober home with quality meals and a self-help work program that provides each person with the opportunity of turning their lives around.

We have discovered, in working with the homeless since 1962, that the problem is far from confined to the mentally ill and addicted, but extends across all boundaries of age, background or race. 
While we are a religious corporation we are strictly dedicated to service. Belief in any faith or method of worship is never a requirement for the men and women entering our program. What is required is a sincere desire to get off the streets for good and return to society in a productive and positive way. 
The Congregation of the United States Mission is supported entirely by the generosity of individuals and corporations in the community we serve. We do not ask for or receive any money from federal, state or city agencies. 
Door-to-door fund raising by our resident/members is our primary source of income. 
Aside from the obvious benefit of keeping our doors open and our program viable, working for a minimum of four hours per day instills in our residents, good work habits, enhanced communication skills and the pride which comes from helping the program which is helping them until they can achieve full time employment and self-sufficiency. 
“A hand up, not a handout.” Very clearly defines the philosophy behind our program. 
All donations to the United States Mission are tax deductible. Our Federal Tax I.D. Number is:
Under the leadership of our founder Rev. Robert Humphries, and his successors, all of the Missions in the United States Mission System remain, largely, financially and administratively independent of one another. With the exception of a small central emergency fund, all funds raised locally are devoted to our local homeless concerns. Monetary donations in the form of checks or money orders are badly needed.  Please make payable to: 
United States Mission
4545 N. E. Garfield
P.O. BOX 11576
Portland, OR 97211-0576
Donations of food, clothing, furniture or other items are accepted as needed. Arrangements for pick up or drop of may be made by contacting us at the phone number listed above.
Trust…but verify 
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