Notify Us of Possible Fraud

It has come to the attention of the officers of the United States Mission that, occasionally, people using our name and/or federal tax identification number have attempted to raise funds in the following cities: Kansas City, Omaha-Kierney, Denver, Tucson, San Antonio, Phoenix, and Houston.
  1. The UNITED STATES MISSION does not currently operate a facility in these cities.
  2. Any use of the 501(c)3 tax I.D. #94-1585260 in these cities is fraudulent.
  3. Any attempt to establish a bank account under the UNITED STATES MISSION (USM, U. S. MISSION, etc.) name in these locations is fraudulent.  The UNITED STATES MISSION would like any information concerning such accounts.
  4. Such individuals do not represent the UNITED STATES MISSION and will not be defended by the UNITED STATES MISSION under any circumstances.
  5. The use of any UNITED STATES MISSION paperwork for the purpose of solicitation by anyone in these areas is fraudulent.

Every organization that does fund raising occasionally suffers from impostors. These individuals attempt to enrich themselves from your generous donations, which deprives deserving local organizations of needed support.

To protect yourself and your neighbors, please note any information you can about the impostor and the organization he claims to represent, then call 9-1-1.

We would be very grateful if you would also forward any such information to us at:

Brian Jones
Secretary General
P.O. Box 20156
Portland, OR 97294-0156
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