Are donations to the United States Mission tax deductible? Yes. All donations to the United States Mission are tax deductible.  Our Federal Tax I.D. Number is: 94-1585260

How is the United States Mission Funded? The Congregation of the United States Mission is supported entirely by the generosity of individuals and corporations in the community we serve through Door-to-Door fund raising by our resident/members. We do not ask for or receive any money from federal, state or city agencies.

Why do you have residents/members participate in Door-to-Door fundrasing? Aside from the obvious benefit of keeping our doors open and our program viable, working for a minimum of four hours per day instills in our residents, good work habits, enhanced communication skills and the pride which comes from helping the program which is helping them until they can achieve full time employment and self-sufficiency.

Do you take non-monetary donations? The United States Mission gladly accepts non-monetary donations (i.e.: clothing, cars, etc.). Please visit the location page for a listing of the items that location is currently accepting.

Since you are a faith based organization, do you require residents/members religious participation? While the United States Mission is a religious corporation we are strictly dedicated to service.  The Mission respects the beliefs of all its residents/members and would not presume to instruct anyone in matters of faith or ritual.

The United States Mission does not discriminate in any way, be it in relation to religious belief, race, gender, political convictions or sexual orientation.

Do you actively support homeless Veterans? Since it’s inception in 1962 the United States Mission has made a special effort to seek out Veterans and help as many as we can regain a place in the mainstream.

Many of the senior staff throughout the Mission System are Veterans, with a deep understanding of the feelings of abandonment and alienation suffered by many homeless Vets.

Does your organization sell magazines door-to-door?

No. While Emissaries from the United States Mission do engage in door-to-door fundraising solicitation, they do not sell magazines or any product or service. Our Emissaries are all properly credentialed with photo ID, copies of our 501(c)3 determination letter, State Certificate of Authority, and other documents, photos, and literature explaining our Mission program as well as providing contact information for the United States Mission.