“…the Mission is making a significant contribution to the well-being of the homeless in our city. You have a proud record of service.., both locally and nationally.”

MAUREEN O’CONNOR – Mayor of San Diego

“…we hereby declare February 9th as “United States Mission Day” In the County of San Diego, and do commend Reverend Rocco and his staff for their efforts on behalf of the people of our community.”


“… the United States Mission has improved the lives of countless people and has demonstrated that the revered American tradition of neighbor helping neighbor is still alive and well”

GEORGE DEUKMEJIAN – Governor of California

“… you are providing critically needed services for the homeless, and your efforts in doing this with solely private donations are commendable.”

ART AGNOS – Mayor of San Francisco

“The United States Mission has helped thousands of homeless and elderly with shelter, clothing, meals and jobs at shelters in San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. Your outstanding contributions have helped make our cities better places in which to live.”

TOM BRADLEY – Mayor of Los Angeles

“For the scores of people who have found compassion and true assistance through the Mission, I know they carry you with gratitude in their hearts. You have the admiration of the San Diego community for your tireless commitment to provide food, clothing and shelter for the homeless.”

PETE WILSON – Governor of California

“The work which you have been doing since 1962 is a compassionate program of assistance to the homeless, elderly and needy. I support that work, and encourage your generosity and the programs you have established.”

JOHN VAN DE KAMP – Attorney General

“It’s the best shelter program in the city. They’re really helping, and doing it right.”

WILLIE KENNEDY – San Francisco Supervisor

“I would like to thank you for your uplifting and dedicated service you have provided to the homeless. It’s organizations like yours that make America a better place for those in need of a helping hand.”

BILL LOWERY – Congress of the United States

“to the Reverend Pat Rocco – congratulations and best wishes.”

RONALD REAGAN – President of the United States